Sir – I am writing in response to Beryl Addison’s letter (August 4). For those who did not read it, Mrs Addison visited Oxford from her home in Hampshire and wrote to complain of the number of visitors.

Her visit to the Ashmolean was spoilt by all the other visitors and her shopping interrupted by visitors in the street.

The difference Mrs Addison seems to draw between herself and these other visitors is that they are from overseas, which is beyond comment. There is an element of graceless self-interest in the thoughts of Oxford residents who find themselves begrudging the fact that they share the city at this time of year, but when one visitor deems their shopping and sight-seeing to be worth more than that of other visitors it betrays arrogance and self-importance.

Perhaps Oxonians would benefit from remembering how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful city all year and be a little more forgiving of the summer visitors; if they require self-affirmation they could consider the welcoming of visitors a gift which dignifies the giver.

Certainly Mrs Addison could be a little more self-aware and a little more accepting of those who also wish to enjoy the many things Oxford has to offer.

Dan Mitchell, Oxford