Sir – I was intrigued by your report (August 4) about the amount of money the city council has made since the introduction of the charged-for garden waste collection.

Back in May, I wrote a long letter to council officials expressing my concerns over the proposed changes to the service; I received a holding letter a few days later, but despite a reminder, I have heard nothing further from them.

One of my points related to any profit which they were already making from our waste. When the service was originally introduced, we were told that the council sold the waste to a commercial operation for composting; we could then buy it back, in bags, which were on sale at the Redbridge Waste Centre. I did this for a few years until the facility was withdrawn.

However, the garden waste still has to be disposed of. I want to know what the council does with it now; and whether they are profiting twice: once by charging people for collecting it; and again by selling it on for composting.

Perhaps I may get a reply through the columns of your newspaper, if not from the council direct.

Carol Anelay (Mrs), Oxford