Sir – I have recently moved to Oxford and although I find the place wonderful to stay in, with some of the friendliest people I have met in a very long time, I am surprised that some aspect of, what I would consider to be normal city life, in fact normal life across the country do not seem to be being adhered to at some of Oxford’s biggest companies.

That is burning the midnight oil and leaving office lights on through the night.

The worst culprit I have noticed seems to be the Oxford University Press offices in Jericho, which from what I can tell has office lights on all night and even all weekend, without anyone seemingly in the offices.

I have moved into the area of Walton Street and thought the waste of electricity must just have been one night or weekend, but no, to my shock the lights are always on and I have watched for lengthy periods whilst sitting in my garden and nobody seems to be working in the offices.

They also do not have movement-sensitive lights, which would reduce usage when areas are not being worked in.

Can somebody please explain this seemingly flagrant waste of resources and money to me?

Daniel Abrahams, Oxford