Sir – I am always sceptical when councillors speak about the ‘world-city’ status of Oxford in order to justify some grand project for the city.

So I am disappointed to see Dr Graham Jones trying to resurrect the unrealistic proposal for an expensive new railway station and transport hub in Oxpens (Report, August 4).

Oxford station is not the only station in Britain which needs expansion to meet traffic growth and competing for scarce funds.

The existing plans for additional bay platforms at the north end for Chiltern trains and at the south end for London trains terminating at Oxford will provide additional capacity at an affordable cost.

There are other rail projects in need of funding, such as Grove station and East-West Rail, which should take priority over the luxury of a brand-new station at Oxpens.

If the city council takes up this proposal for a new station at Oxpens, Chiltern Railways’ plan for trains from Oxford to Marylebone will be put on hold for years.

The Oxpens site is not even a suitable place for a transport hub. It would attract more traffic in Hollybush Row and Oxpens Road, it is a longer walking distance from the city centre, and the Botley Road bus services would lose their connection with train services.

The present public transport hub at Oxford station works very well.

Whether the railway land at Oxpens should be sold for development is, of course, another matter. Some of the land should be retained for car parking and light industrial units displaced by the construction of the new platforms south of Botley Road bridge.

Martin Smith, Abingdon