I AM sorry Andre De Vries, if my iambic pentameter and crunching of lettuce leaves keeping you up at night.

Following your piece about Mr De Vries’ one-man campaign against the Oxfork cafe, to open on Magdalen Road (Oxford Mail, July 19), I would like to state that his opinion is not only a ridiculously uninformed one, but also, in a definite minority.

Mr De Vries is attempting to block Oxfork’s premises licence application, on the (completely fabricated) grounds that Oxfork “runs parties” and will be host “to drunk people at 11pm”.

The most galling part of his objection is his false assertion that Oxfork “is nothing to do with community”.

Though, De Vries is, after all, an academic. Oxfork is ALL about community.

Oxfork is not a club, a pub or a bar. It will be a cafe, serving breakfast, lunches, and hosting occasional spoken word and acoustic music nights.

Oxfork is run by friendly and talented individuals. It is unfathomable to me how anybody could object to the opening of what will surely be a wonderful place to enjoy quality food and drink and act as a facilitator of community cohesion and spirit.

I moved to Oxford a couple of years ago and part of the reason I love it here is the vast pool of talented, accommodating, friendly people and its wonderful arts scene.

Oxfork is very much a part of this scene. In fact, I think Mr De Vries should be admiring of the fact that in the midst of a pretty woeful economic climate, a group of young and talented people are investing so much in a place to serve its community.

HANNAH JANE PARKINSON Osberton Road Summertown Oxford