FROM cutlery and crockery to clothes and furniture, people in Oxfordshire have been giving victims of the London riots a helping hand.

Reports of donations from all over the country helping those who had lost their homes flooded in last week.

A website has been set up at to let people know what is needed.

And people in Oxfordshire made sure to do their bit.

One group taking a vanload of donations was organised by Oxford University student Matt Barratt.

The 20-year-old said: “We got off virtually scot free in Oxford, but we are so near to London.

“We felt we could not just sit here while people only an hour away had lost everything.

“I think the response we had showed people are willing to look out for their neighbours.”

The riots in areas including Tottenham, Clapham and Croydon, gripped the country last week.

Homes and businesses were destroyed in what has been estimated to amount to £200m worth of damage.

Mr Barratt said: “All manner of things have been requested. We’ve had requests for cutlery and crockery and phone chargers.

“We are just responding to people asking for things on the website and Twitter, anything that people have a shortfall of.

“In the main, that is things like toiletries, clothes, bits of furniture. It is a random list to be honest.”

In London, hundreds of people also took to the streets to clean up the immediate aftermath of the riots.

Naming themselves ‘riot wombles’, the crowds cleaned up debris armed with brooms and brushes.

Mr Barratt said organisers received an “overwhelming response” to their requests in Oxford.

They are now considering filling another van and travelling to London again.

He added: “This is about doing as much as we can for the clean-up.”

To get involved, visit or search for #riotcleanup on Twitter.