IS IT a smudge? Is it a fly walking across a lens? No, it’s allegedly conclusive evidence of alien life.

The image is just one of the pictures of UFOs released last week by the National Archives from their extensive alien files.

The close encounter took place over Banbury on June 8, 2006 and was captured on a video camera.

It was reportedly visible for about eight minutes as it moved slowly up into the sky at an angle.

Local UFO expert Michael Soper said: “Banbury is quite active. There are more paranormal events here in Oxfordshire than in any other part of the country and they can be dramatic. We have had a landing near Wallingford.

“I think we are being visited by dimensional craft. I don’t know whether they come from another race of humans from another dimension.”

The files contain plenty of drawings, letters and parliamentary questions, including an account of a woman from East Dulwich who told the MoD in January 2003 that she had been visited by TV characters Mork and Mindy.

For more Government UFO files, visit ufos.national