IN ANY situation it may be said that there is genuine ignorance, or, conversely, wilful ignorance and I cannot be sure which correctly applies to Anthony King (Letters, August 8, Don’t knock the Fair) and his ecstatic view of the Blenheim Palace Game Fair where – surprise, surprise – he witnessed no “violence, cruelty or abuse of any kind” relating to what he terms “bucolic pastimes and pursuits.”

With respect, Mr King, you need to get to grips with reality. Supporters of so-called country sports will always show a sanitised version of their cruel exploitation of animals and birds; you would hardly expect them to exhibit the gory carcass of a hunted animal or targeted bird at the end of a day of bucolic fun.

The Game Fair is a glorified montage of the sport of killing for pleasure.

BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road Watlington