Stanislav Shmelev combines his expertise in ecology (he is an ecological economist) with his fine art training to create photographs of natural environments, the impact man and his artefacts have on those environments and the interfaces between the two. Each of the seven pieces explores very different subject matter; some are distinctly urban and some are land or sea scapes. All are printed on aluminium and mounted under glass to give a three-dimensional effect.

Oxford Moonlight captures the familiar dome and upper windows of the Radcliffe Camera, rose red thanks to the night light, with one window a shining silver as the reflected moon is magnified on to it. London Eye, the most abstract piece, inter-plays blues of different hues and gentle turquoises, striated by a perforated silvery crescent that is the Eye. By contrast, View from Tate Modern, taken from nearby, is in the tradition of urban realism. The Millennium Bridge is seen from underneath, its tense steel structure dominating the picture, with the fine detail of the fading image of St Paul’s beyond it.

Cassis Paradise provides a view into a man’s private Mediterranean world. In the foreground are pines obscuring much of what lies beyond, but through them one can see a rocky cliff reaching down to a sea in intense shades of blue, and almost but not quite hidden a gleaming white luxury yacht, quite alone in this magical place. Paradise indeed.

In Complete Systems Dorset, the beauty of lacy patterns made by sea and surf are mirrored on the sandy shore where, by contrast, crowds of insistent footprints allude to the pressure man puts on nature.

The exhibition is at The Summertown Wine Cafe. Open daily until August 14.