HOW disappointing that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge launched the Calgary stampede in Canada, despite a DVD sent to them showing the cruelty involved in rodeos.

Animals are tormented with electric prods, tail-twisting and lassoing where they’re jerked to the ground causing terrible injuries and deaths (last year six horses died in the chuck wagon race).

Horses and bulls buck because caustic substances are applied to their genitals causing extreme pain, straps are then tightened over the area. At least one horse has died this year.

We were hoping that these young royals would have a fresh approach to events where animals are terrorised and suffer extreme pain or even death.

However, as long as the PR wheels are oiled, and everyone is enjoying themselves, the usual sycophants can be guaranteed to lend their support to royalty, while ignoring the ugly reality.

SHARON HOPKINS, Templar Road, Oxford