It was sloppy kisses all round when a stolen puppy was reunited with his owners.

It was taken from Aisha and Noy Arzakantsyan’s garden in London Road, Headington, but was found by a dog warden wandering the streets nearby five days later.

Ms Arzakantsyan said: “It was unbelievable. We were so happy. As soon as he came out of the dog warden’s car he was jumping and kissing us and licking us.

“He has been really tired and has a bit of an upset stomach. I think he was just stressed. I think it will take him about a week to get over it.”

The couple had previously not named the five-month-old Siberian Husky for fear the thieves would train him. They have now revealed his name is Husky.

Husky went missing on Friday, July 1, and was found in the streets near their house on Wednesday at around 8pm. Dog wardens returned him to his owners with the help of his microchip.

A police spokesman said officers were treating the disappearance as a theft.

He said: “We are pleased the dog has been returned to the owner. The investigation is still open and we would appeal for anyone to come forward with any more information.”