Look at all that lush greenery — it’s an added extra that makes a bunch of freshly dug beetroot a real bargain, as along with the heads of beetroot, it gives you as many greens to cook up as an extra vegetable with the Sunday roast as you would have if you had bought a large cabbage. Jill Cattle works at the Medley Manor Farm PYO. You will find her in the little hut weighing out your fruits and vegetables. She is the friendly woman with a warm smile on her face. This is one of her favourite beetroot recipes. Jill doesn’t add salt to her chutney mix as she says there is enough flavour in the beetroot.

YOU WILL NEED 3lb (1kg350g) fresh beetroot, steamed, boiled or roasted and skinned 1lb apples (450g) 1lb onions (450g) 1lb (450g) granulated sugar 1pt white wine vinegar 4oz (125g) sultanas.

METHOD Place all the ingredients into a preserving pan, having chopped the cooked beetroot, the apple and the onions into small cubes.

Bring the pot to the boil, stir well, then lower the heat so the mix can simmer gently. Continually stir to prevent it from catching on the bottom and burning.

Allow to simmer until the ingredients soften and the mix begins to thicken. This usually takes about an hour and a half.

Allow to cool a little, then spoon into sterilised jars and fix with a vinegar-safe lid. It will be ready to eat in a few weeks, but will last long enough to serve with the Christmas turkey.