For a band that has only been in existence for around 18 months, Evarose can feel pretty proud of themselves for the crowd they draw to the upper room of the O2 Academy tonight. Far bigger names, with national profiles and marketing budgets that number in the hundreds of thousands of pounds sometimes barely scrape 50 on a nondescript Thursday, but for the all girl quartet, the room numbers are nearer a very impressive 200. This might have something to do with the fact that the band hail from just down the road in Banbury, making this a homecoming gig of sorts. But, even if Evarose actually are Oxfordshire's answer to Regina George, nobody has that many friends.

Having released their debut E.P. Creation Divide last year, the band is currently on the hard slog of the UK toilet circuit, but it seems to be paying off as from the moment they step on to the O2's stage they are in command of the crowd. Drawing woos and sing-a-longs throughout their performance, they leave a lasting impression despite only having a set that edges narrowly over half an hour.

Already in possession of a canon of songs that mix the buzzsaw guitar riffs of Taking Back Sunday and Green Day with pop choruses that are as a sticky as a Solero left in the sun, the band make light work of filling the half hour. Sonically, the easy comparison is Paramore, with Evarose's earnest choruses very much in the vein of Hayley Williams’ heartfelt vocals, but there's less bluster to them and a more straightforward bubblegum centre to their material.

If the band continues to play shows like this and can harness all their energy and power pop punch into their recorded output, they'll be thinking of gigs like this as intimate ones pretty soon. Promising might be an understated verdict…