ORGANISERS of the British Dirt Track Championship have added their support towards saving the threatened Oxford Stadium.

About 700 Dirt Track fans are expected to descend on the Sandy Lane stadium for Round three of the British Dirt Track Championships on Friday, July 15.

The event incorporates the Quad Racing Association British Quad Oval championships, the Solo M and S Truck Rentals British Dirt track Championships and, for the first time, the new Pitbike challenge.

Paul Oughton, part of the organising committee, said: “We were thrilled to book Oxford Stadium for the third round, after an excellent round here on Good Friday, and while we have heard there is talk of closing the stadium, we very much hope it stays open.

“Oxford Stadium is a fantastic venue in a great location for fans to get to. Nice and central and it has great facilities and of course a great dirt track.”

He added: “The earliest forms of dirt bike racing have been taking place at Oxford Stadium since the 1920s and now, with the increasingly popular quad bikes and pitbikes, we are hoping the venue will continue for many years to come. We want it to survive, definitely.”

Oxford Stadium’s future was called into question early last month when rumours surfaced that the venue had been tipped as a possible site for new housing – although the Greyhound Racing Association (GRA), which currently runs it, said there were no plans to stop the sport there.

Last month, John Payne, a former promoter of the former Oxford Cheetahs Speedway team, announced plans to resurrect speedway at the venue.

He has formed a committee of fans who hope to meet the GRA to discuss their plans – although GRA chief Clive Feltham maintains speedway is not financially viable in Oxford.

Despite the continuing uncertaintly over its future, Mr Oughton promises a thrilling night with the dirt bike championships.

He said: “The solos, who race on up to 500cc grass track machines with no brakes, always give great entertainment.

“And for the first time the Dirt Track series has also introduced Pit Bike Challenge, with all-action races of 10 riders on pint-sized but very powerful machines.”

Turnstiles open at 6pm, practice is at 6.30pm with the first race at 7pm. Under 11s go free.

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