I WRITE with reference to the Government’s obsession with the HS2 high speed rail link.

Public sector workers have been told that there isn’t the money available to pay for their pensions, and that changes have to be made to them.

Councils across the country are facing up to having to make swingeing cuts in public services as a direct result of our high national debt.

How strange then that the Government feels that the economy will have improved sufficiently within just a few years for it to commit £34bn to build a very fast train line from London to Birmingham and eventually on to the cities of Manchester and Leeds.

That’s £1,200 for every single taxpayer in the country on a project whose economic rationale simply doesn’t stack up.

Public sector workers and residents of north Oxfordshire fighting the HS2 proposals, will be astounded at that financial contradiction and the Government’s continuing obsession with HS2.

MARTIN HALLIDAY, Howbery Park, Wallingford