ROGER Daltrey for Prime Minister. The Who frontman tells it like it is on immigration and the NHS, all with a simple honesty so lacking among today’s politicians.

Labour’s 13-year tenure resulted in an immigration influx of mega proportions which has effectively brought the working man to his knees.

Immigration has played an important part in Britain’s history but the heavy increase has caused problems for British workers.

Jobs are hard to find, especially when foreign labour is competing for them. However, Mr Daltrey’s comments have echoed what the working man has known for a very long time: that Britain was betrayed by a Government lacking in every conceivable ounce of decent moral fibre, and sold down the river.

Rocker Daltrey’s credentials speak for themselves. He is a tireless charity worker for the Teenage Cancer Trust, he has helped to raise millions for sick, cancer-stricken children and is well equipped to comment on the NHS, which, he believes, needs to change before it can move forward.

This is straightforward comment from a rock star who could just sit in his mansion-on-the hill counting his money.

One thing’s for sure, though, he cares about Britain with a passion – a lesson every mealy-mouthed politician could learn from.

DAVID TINSON, Moorland Road, Witney