PLANS for scores more homes near Oxford’s Barton estate, on top of the 1,200 already planned, have stunned residents.

South Oxfordshire District Council has earmarked a 2.2-hectare site at Bayswater Farm for development, which lies on the north-east edge of the estate.

And it has been revealed that Oxford City Council, which is developing a masterplan for the area’s expansion, was unaware of the proposals.

SODC has included the Bayswater Farm land as one of 13 ‘larger village’ sites within its core strategy, a planning blueprint for the next 15 years.

The council has not announced how many homes the area could accommodate but, based on its own density guidelines, it could be up to 75.

And it confirmed it had not yet consulted city council counterparts on the plans.

The city council is halfway though a major consultation on the area to ensure the expansion is planned properly and issues such as traffic, schools and leisure are addressed.

The city council even included controversial development plans by Ruskin College for up to 195 new homes within its Barton Area Action Plan to ensure the work was based on a complete picture.

Barton city councillor Van Coulter was stunned when he saw the Bayswater plans on the SODC website as he believes it impacts on the infrastructure needs of the expanded estate.

“It would have significant influence on our findings, for example, what impact it would have on the Green Road roundabout,” he said.

Sue Holden, who chairs the Barton Community Association, said: “It feels like it has been sneaked in by the back door. Everywhere has a saturation point and I am wondering if we have reached it.”

SODC confirmed Bayswater Farm is a potential housing site although it has stressed planning issues may limit the number of homes that could be built.

Miles Thompson, planning policy manager at SODC, added: “As an adjoining authority at this location, Oxford City Council would be consulted.”

The two authorities previously clashed over the city council’s bid to build 4,000 homes south of Grenoble Road near Greater Leys. The land is within the SODC boundary and it refused to put the site forward.