The headline Danger: Father’s worry for children’s safety (Oxford Mail, June 10) prompts the misquote of a quotation: it is déja vu all over again.

Almost one year ago there was media hysteria regarding a presumed fox attack in East London, a claim which was roundly dismissed by various wildlife experts.

Foxes will flee from humans, and rightly so given the history of appalling cruelty inflicted by people on wildlife.

Mr Aziz would do well to consult with wildlife experts who would be able to advise on measures to be taken to safeguard his poultry, and perhaps instill in his children the level of respect for wildlife that should be impressed upon them.

It is acknowledged by Mr Aziz that he and his family live near Shotover Park.

The “pests and vermin” that he wants the council to be held responsible for, perhaps regard in like manner the humans who have moved in and occupied territory that was once theirs, but they are powerless to do anything about it, let alone be bold enough to attack any children.

Anyone keeping poultry should accept their responsibility.

They ought to seek advice on how to fully protect their livestock and stop demonising non-human animals whose right to life is as valid and precious as ours.

BEA BRADLEY Cuxham Road Watlington