BURFORD residents are fighting a new bid to put up 15 homes close to them – saying a similar development was a “nightmare”.

Cottsway Housing Association plans to build 15 affordable homes at Frethern Close after putting up 13 there last year.

But the residents are fighting the plans. Sarah Palmer, 45, said: “Last year caused major disruption.

“It was an absolute nightmare.”

Cars often have to park on the road of the cul-de-sac, she said, and construction lorries made this worse by parking in nearby Barns Lane. “The sheer amount of traffic meant you could never get in or out of the estate.”

A petition against the new homes has 100 signatures already.

Cottsway spokesman Dee Hempstead said Burford Town Council and West Oxfordshire District Council had called for affordable homes to stop people being priced out of the area.

He said that “several potential sites have been investigated but ruled out for varying reasons”.

She also pledged to do “all that we reasonably can to minimise the disruption”.

The district council will make the final decision.