WHAT an excellent letter from Susan Smith (Oxford Mail, May 25) regarding the ghastly slaughter of so-called ‘game birds’ by utterly selfish, uncaring humans.

What a strange species we are. Time and time again I find myself feeling ashamed to be part of the human race with its apparent total lack of shame when it comes to exploiting or disregarding the needs of other life forms.

I feel particularly at odds with those who profess to a belief in a God ‘who made all things’ and yet cannot see the disparity between their religious beliefs and a compassionate creator who, presumably, did not intend any species to be sent to a cruel and totally unnecessary death in order to provide entertainment for humans. Shame on them, all of them, regardless of their perceived position on the ladder of success and privilege.

All that criticism applies equally to those who vandalise roadside verges regardless of the actual danger to road users.

Long stretches of straight highway do not require verge trimming. Any walker who cannot step into the vegetation should not be on the highway.

Areas which used to nurture a wide variety of beneficial insects are now barren strips of close-mown grass, serving what purpose I cannot imagine.

And those who commit such vandalism should stop and consider the consequences if large numbers of natural pollinators are eliminated by thoughtless humans.

If the quest for habitable planets is finally fulfilled somewhere out there in the cosmos, how long would it be before humans trash the lot in their search for new horizons?

BEA BRADLEY, Cuxham Road, Watlington