TWO areas around Oxford United’s Kassam Stadium could be used as sites for homes under the council’s proposals.

The stadium site, which covers 22 acres, includes car parking and some “quite poor quality public open space” which the council believes would be suitable for homes.

The majority of the site is owned by Firoka Ltd, controlled by former United chairman Firoz Kassam.

And a six-acre site behind the Vue cinema, currently used as an overflow car park for the football stadium, is also on the list of potential development sites.

The planning document said: “There is certainly potential for this site to be used more efficiently and the uses proposed by Oxford United would be suitable and could help improve the quality and safety of the area that adjoins Blackbird Leys.

“A transport assessment and travel plan would be required to ensure that an appropriate level of car parking is reprovided.

“Some small shops to serve the local neighbourhood would also be suitable to compliment the residential and stadium uses.”

Oxford United chairman Kelvin Thomas, said: “The football club has never hidden its desire to purchase the stadium and the surrounding land from Firoka. These conversations are ongoing.”

Fifty of the sites listed by the council have housing as a requirement, which would provide more than 2,200 homes, with affordable housing a priority. Eleven sites have been identified for employment uses.

Sports grounds on the list include East Oxford Bowls Club, in Cowley Road; the former Barton Road cricket ground; Lincoln College sports ground, off Cowley Road; and the OUP sports ground, near North Oxford golf course.

Simon Porter, president of Oxford Cricket Club, said: “Losing sports grounds is something that nobody wants. If we’re losing places like the OUP ground and Lincoln College ground, you have to wonder where sport will be played.”

Car parks are also being suggested for possible development.

Among these is the one behind the Waitrose supermarket in Headington.

Elaine Bellenger, of the Monaco fashion shop in Old High Street, said: “The loss of car parking space would have a huge impact on all of us in Headington. It would kill this shopping area.

“People were happy to get Waitrose here. The idea of building on the car park is ludicrous.

“It’s the most ridiculous idea that they could come up with.”