A FIREFIGHTER was injured in a suspected arson attack at a house in Shotover.

The blaze broke out at West Hill Farm, the Ridings, Shotover, at about 5.45pm on Sunday, firefighters said this morning.

Four fire engines and the water carrier from Wheatley attended the scene and faced smoke coming from the roof of the house.

The house had been boarded up using metal security boards on the windows.

Firefighters said this made access to the building and subsequent fire fighting very difficult.

Crews wearing breathing apparatus entered the house to tackle the blaze.

No one was inside the building but during the blaze a firefighter was injured and taken to hospital.

Firefighters said they suspected the blaze was started deliberately. Station Manager Paul Bremble said: “The actions of others in starting a fire in the property has resulted in the injury to a firefighter.

"This type of action has and can put people's lives at risk.

"We urge people not to start fires and to think of the consequences when playing with fire.

"With the house being situated within Shotover Park in these dry conditions this could have easily spread to the surrounding woodland had Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue not been call so quickly."