A FORMER wild child teenager whose behaviour shocked TV viewers has marked turning her life around by getting a tattoo of her idol.

Jemma Henley, from Oxford, was known for her outrageous behaviour on Channel 4 reality show Brat Camp but is now forging a career as a glamour model.

And to celebrate, the 22-year-old, who was expelled from five schools but has since posed for Nuts, Zoo, Maxim and Loaded, has had a full-length portrait of Jordan tattooed on her right arm.

The superstar model – real name Katie Price – has even come face-to-face with the inked portrait at a book signing in Surrey.

Miss Henley said: “She could not have been nicer about it and she took a picture and put it on Twitter.

“Two weeks ago it had had 90,000 views.

“I’ve had loads of comments. Bad ones and good ones, but it does not faze me.”

Talking of her past behaviour, she said: “Before I went on Brat Camp and for about a year after I was just a person who had to break every rule. I was just out of control and clearly had issues I did not realise at the time.

“Suddenly, I just grew up and realised I needed to sort my life out, and I started doing modelling. It has given me focus.

“This tattoo represents a part of my life, it is not just people thinking I am a crazy Jordan fan, but it means something to me inside.”

She added: “The fact that I am a glamour model means I am very inspired by Jordan. I had heard lots of stuff about her, but as I continued to read about her I just ‘got’ her.

“I don’t want to be her, but I just look up to her.”

Miss Henley, who confesses to having a low pain threshold and fear of needles, needed three sessions with tattooist Mad Mick at Tiger Lily in New Inn Hall Street, Oxford, to finish the job.

Tiger Lily owner Mick Durham said: “Jemma’s a real success story.”