RACHAEL O’CONNOR samples the splendour of Roppongi in Oxford’s George Street.

The recent burst of heat and sun we’ve been experiencing has no doubt injected a spring in your step for hitting the town.

If you like R’n’B stompers, in an accessible and fun setting, this new lease of life will be put to good use by heading down to Roppongi Basement bar in George Street, Oxford.

Easter saw a delighted crowd relish the extended weekend at the venue.

Dressed to the nines they enjoyed a DJ spun soundtrack of R’n’B-pop, house and hip-hop while sipping cocktails, socialising and having a shimmy.

You may have known the venue previously as the Mood bar, which was something of an Oxford institution – having held a record for being one of the longest running nightclubs in the city.

Since the reopening early last year, Roppongi has undoubtedly started to create a reputation as good as its predecessor’s as a venue that can withstand the fickleness of Oxford’s clubbers.

“Roppongi” is named after Tokyo’s most renowned nightlife district with a reputation for catering to the rich and famous.

Following suit, Oxford’s “Roppongi” has injected some glamour and glitz into the city with its own well-attended celebrity guest appearances from the likes of Callum Best, Mark from The Only Way is Essex and cast members from student favourite Hollyoaks.

At first glance Roppongi is unlikely to blow you away – the entrance is essentially a brightly lit door.

However, as soon as you’re escorted down the sparkly illuminated stairs you instantly feel as though you are entering a rather exclusive space.

Once underground, the compact area has been used to good effect – complete with all your clubbing essentials: cloakroom; DJ booth; and generous bar and seating elbowroom.

Cunning mirror placement surrounding the dance floor creates the illusion of ample space to throw some shapes and the opportunity to dance with one’s own reflection should the fancy take you.

The futuristic monochrome decor is a subtle reminder of the venue’s Japanese inspiration together with some manga cartoon artwork that visually pops out on arrival to complete the scene.

The VIP area – separated by draping threads and red lighting – is perfectly designed for champagne celebrations, complete with ice buckets on every table.

So if you fancy indulging in a little VIP treatment you can be sure the red carpet will be rolled out for you at Roppongi’s.

And it’s open seven nights a week.