What do you think when someone constantly complains about other people?

Does it make you feel that they are planning something nasty or are they just trying to cover up their own inadequacies?

The thought occurred to me when listening to a recent party political broadcast which consisted almost entirely of moans about their predecessors and very little about what their policies were.

To me, any political party worth its salt would accept that those who went before them did what they thought was right for the country, leave it there, and get down to seeing if they can do better.

There is one local politician who is just as bad and repeats the same moans in all his letters to the Oxford Mail to the point they have become a total bore. So, one thinks, can’t the paper find other letters of more interest to fill its columns?

When all is said and done, have these politicians, at the end of their term in office, achieved improvements for the people that they serve? Because, in the end, that is all that matters.

Derrick Holt, Fortnam Close, Headington, Oxford