Sir – We celebrated the wedding of William and Catherine with a street party organised by an enterprising group in North Avenue, West Avenue, Eden Croft and Northfield Road, Abingdon.

We didn’t know that street parties were our thing, but in the event we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We dressed in red, white and blue and were pleased to meet other residents, some we knew and some we didn’t.

With bunting above and special flags on the tables, we sat down and ate together sharing the food which all had brought.

We toasted the newly weds and the children made hats and painted their faces and played games, and a magician and a quiz on a local theme entertained the rest of us.

As a girl I remember village fetes, but in all my 103 years I had never been to a street party: it’s never too late! Community spirit is alive and well.

Gladys Goulding Abingdon