Sir – Your delightful arts columnist Chris Gray asked his readers this week to excuse his inclusion of a photo of a urinal.

Perhaps excusing the photo of him in the bath would have been more appropriate, a second instalment in fact, after the previous week’s equally charming shot of his feet emerging from the tub.

Really, the photos epitomise his honestly laughable column.

Admittedly I am an avid reader, but only out of fascination over whether this, his articles, are genuine, and not intended comedy. Even when his column covers arts, the article is so saturated in personal comment and stories it just cannot be taken seriously.

I know he has no hesitations in openly and personally criticising people, so I’m sure he would take no offence in my comparing him to a brilliantly written, insatiably pompous sitcom character.

And as for the so-called food ‘reviews’, I genuinely start reading from the bottom of the article to get my information, buried deep in the thrilling exploits of Rosemarie and Olive. And surely, not every restaurant in Oxfordshire can be as brilliant as Chris Gray makes out. My fear is that in writing this curmudgeonly rant I am joining him.

It really is quite amusing, but I think the unseemly bath time snaps have reminded me that I would really rather read some proper restaurant reviews and arts commentary.

L. Rogers Oxford