Sir – I would add to Mr Horwood’s letter (April 28), that the treatment of visitors is no better than the treatment of Cherwell disabled members of the public.

The latest scheme is to charge blue badge holders an additional annual fee of £555 for a seven-day per week permit, to park without charge, in Cherwell district car parks.

There are lesser charges for shorter period permits — five-day week, quarterly and monthly, all excessive amounts.

Do not Cherwell and its members not appreciate, that disabled people by virtue of their disability, are often not, to put it mildly, very wealthy.

I have raised this matter with Cherwell District Council, but in their reply only cited “the need for cuts”, which we all know about, general competitive car parking charges Banbury and Bicester, etc, totally ignored my point of issue citing that this is a unreasonable course of action and almost vindictive, being taken out, for the most part, on a very weak section of our community.

Poor reflection on a caring council, which it generally has been in the past.

M. F. Fawcett, Kidlington