Sir – I was pleased to see the publicity given in last Thursday’s edition of The Oxford Times, to the opening of the former home of Mr William Morris, later Lord Nuffield.

For many, he will be remembered for his extraordinary generosity in support of very many health, education and social activities. I believe he should be recognised as a pioneer in car production, comparable to Henry Ford.

Henry Ford introduced the production line into car manufacture, but he also attempted to produce almost all parts of his cars in his own plants.

William Morris set up what was essentially an assembly plant to produce his cars. In his early days he even brought in his engines from another manufacturer.

Most car production plants, throughout the world, are closer to the model established by William Morris than they are to the model pioneered by Henry Ford.

These assembly plants bring in important components, from specialist manufacturers of parts such as electrical and braking components.

In many cases even engines are bought in, often from a subsidiary factory of the producer, but sometimes from a rival manufacturer.

C. T. Crellin, Headington