IT’S every child’s dream to draw for the famous comic The Beano and youngsters met the man living that dream yesterday.

Legendary comic artist Kev F gave a workshop at the Dorchester-on-Thames festival, teaching youngsters how to produce their own comic strips.

He currently draws the Bash St Kids in The Beano and has worked for Marvel Comics, Viz, Doctor Who and Red Dwarf.

Kev F, whose real name is Kev Sutherland, said: “I’ve been drawing comics for the past 20 years. I specialise in funny comics, though I was more of a superhero kind of kid when I was younger.”

Mr Sutherland, 49, from Bristol, travels the country teaching children how to develop their artistic talents.

He said: “I teach the children all about how to draw, so they have all the skills needed to draw and eventually steal my job.

“They did some marvellous work at the Dorchester festival, I was really impressed with them.”

Each child also got a caricature of themselves to take home.

Mr Sutherland, pictured with 10-year-old Isabelle Price, added: “My advice to any budding artists would be to keep practising until they are the best.

The Dorchester-on-Thames festival runs until Sunday.