RESIDENTS living in a mobile home park in Didcot are relieved energy bosses have scaled back plans for electricity generators near their homes.

Peak Gen Power has withdrawn a planning application for three 12m generators just 30m from Foxhall Manor Park after residents warned of noise, fumes and vibrations.

The plan, for the nearby Booker warehouse site in Basil Hill Road, was for back-up power to the site and to provide power to homes in case the National Grid supply was lost.

In a letter to residents, Mark Draper, chief executive of Peak Gen Power, said it is now planning two instead of three generators and the distance from homes would be at least 150m.

Mr Draper added that wooden screening would also be placed around the south side of the generators to ensure that they are “screened from your homes in terms of both noise and visibility”.

The letter added: “I am sure it is clear that at a distance of 150m plus the exhaust fumes generated when running will be well dispersed and there will be no detectable vibrations as the generators are all mounted to minimise such effect on their foundations.”

Mr Draper’s letter also apologised for any distress caused by the initial planning application.

Judith Donelan, 62, of Crossville Crescent, who lives in the park with her husband Peter, 68, said: “We were concerned about the noise the generators would make. It could make it a less pleasant place to live.

“I’m relieved Peak Gen says it is going to withdraw its planning application and put a new one forward.

“We could protest again if the new application shows that the generators could affect our quality of life.

“We were also concerned about the fumes that could come from the generators if they were only 30m away.”

Mr Donelan added: “I have got a chest condition that leaves me very short of breath sometimes so I would not want any pollution in the air which could make it any worse.”

South Oxfordshire District Council will make a final decision on any new application.