FANS of the Cowley-built Mini can look forward to motoring in the lap of luxury.

A special edition of the car has seen designers team up with their colleagues at Rolls Royce to produce a Cooper S model complete with all the trimmings of the luxury motor.

But anyone wanting one will have to be quick as just 1,000 are being made at Cowley.

The car will make its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show in China on Tuesday and is expected to be the centre of attention along with other special editions.

The idea for the car came about as Mini is the “little sister” of Rolls-Royce, with both marques being owned by German manufacturer BMW.

The Mini will be labelled “Inspired by Goodwood” after the Rolls-Royce factory in Hampshire.

The firm said interior designer Alan Sheppard ensured all the luxury trappings of the Rolls were tastefully transferred to its sibling.

As a result, the Mini will feature a walnut burr finished instrument panel and door pulls; Cornsilk tipped leather door panels; leather upholstery and steering wheel; cashmere wool covered sun visors, headlining and luggage compartment and deep wool fleece rugs.

The four-cylinder 1.6 litre motor has a 184hp engine.

On the outside, the cars will be finished in Diamond Black metallic with a badge describing the car as “one of 1,000”.

No price has been set for the upmarket Mini to date, although it is likely to be the most expensive ever produced. The standard Mini starts from about £11,810 new.

Mini spokesman Jemma Chalcroft said: “It is more of a design study bringing two great British brands together.

“No date has been set for when the car will go on sale but I would imagine there will be high demand and I am sure if anyone expressed an interest in one we would take note of it.”

It is not the first luxury model of the Mini to be produced as there was a Vanden Plas version of the original car built for the South African market.

Also making its debut in Shanghai will be the Mini Clubman Hampton, which will include a new Reef Blue paint finish, alloy wheels and leather seats.

And the Rocketman concept, a car only slightly larger than the original Mini, which made its European debut in February, will also be on show.