I would like to reply to Bea Bradley’s letter (Tuesday’s Oxford Mail), which says that my letter concerning shotgun licences was “strange”.

It ignores the fact that I was writing about 10-year-olds holding shotgun licenses.

Some of these youngsters will be Britain’s hopes for gold medals in clay shooting in future Olympic Games. Like athletes, they need to start early.

She also knows that the terrible shootings in London were carried out with illegally held handguns. She does not say this as it does not fit in with her agenda.

I too am very much against illegally held handguns by anyone, young or old.

She says that guns are lethal weapons.

She is right, which is why youngsters should be taught how to handle them safely from a young age with legally licensed shotguns.

If this is the sport they choose to go in for, then we will have good shots at future competitions.

I also note there is a letter of criticism from VM Bradley, who also makes comments about the shootings in London.

These shootings have absolutely no connections with legally held shotguns which are held on licence for clay shooting.

VM Bradley says, (presumably directed at me) that bullet-heads should engage their brains before putting their mouths in gear. At least you credit me with a brain.

Steve Chandler, Kennington