IT could have been a wedding to remember.

A member of the Saudi Royal family marrying an English rose, the niece of the Duke of Northumberland.

Together their families are worth multi-millions, but bizarrely, as reported yesterday, they tied the knot at Oxford Register Office, in Tidmarsh Lane, at a cost of £167.

Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan al-Saud, a member of the super-rich Saudi Royal Family, wed Lucy Cuthbert at a ceremony attended by a handful of guests.

Lucy, who shone in a thigh-length white dress with a cream jacket, is the niece of the Duke of Northumberland, whose fortune is estimated at £300m.

Her Middle-Eastern husband went for a classy European look, wearing a grey, three-piece suit with pale shirt and striped tie.

The couple arrived in a gleaming, chauffeur-driven Land Rover Discovery, but saved on the cost of a luxury limousine or romantic horse-drawn carriage, opting instead to leave the ceremony in a bus with their friends.

Lucy’s uncle, Ralph George Algernon Percy, was 229th in the 2010 Sunday Times Rich List. He owns Alnwick Castle, in Northumberland – the setting for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts – and her father Aidan owns Beaufront Castle 40 miles up the road.

The Prince is destined to inherit a huge fortune. His father has a personal fortune of £290m.

He is used to a more classier mode of transport than the hired £395 coach he travelled in to the wedding reception.

He uses the family Airbus jet painted in the silver and blue colours of the Dallas Cowboys, his favourite American Football team.

He even has landing rights at RAF Brize Norton, close to his 2,000-acre Glympton Park estate, near Woodstock.

The occasion was a deliberately low-key affair, but still had a number of minders and drivers keeping watch for any sign of trouble on the pavements outside, one for an hour before the event.

Lucy and her husband-to-be arrived together, heading straight inside for the half-hour ceremony in the Dexter Room at the register office in Oxford.

The number of guests for the room is limited to 25 on weekdays.

As they emerged into the sunlight the couple beamed with joy as family and friends threw confetti over them.

Then they were straight into the “executive” coach, with personalised number plates and headed west out of the city, with the Land Rover and two Range Rovers swinging into the traffic behind it.