COUNCILLORS are demanding answers on the future of Post Office services in Barton after the estate’s branch closed without warning last month.

The sub-post office in Underhill Circus shut on February 18 following the resignation of the sub-postmaster.

The Post Office said the premises were no longer available although it was committed to maintaining a service in Barton.

But ward city councillor Van Coulter said there had been no communication on progress.

He said: “I am looking for answers. When the Post Office wrote to me they were kind enough to provide me an address in Watford and a phone number.

“But I was on the phone for nine minutes pressing buttons and when I got through to a human being they could not help.

“I have had no reply to my letter. I want the Post Office to inform the community the action being taken and the progress made.”

Post Office spokesman Richard Hall apologised for the inconvenience caused by the closure and said it was “continuing its effort to secure a replacement service”.

But Mr Coulter said that was not good enough.

He said: “We had a similar reassurance in Rose Hill and that post office did not reopen.”

He said the closure had left many elderly residents facing more difficulty journeys to collect their pensions.

He said: “They cannot get up to Risinghurst that easily and if they get to Headington the queue is very long.”

Mr Coulter will put a motion before the next full council meeting on April 18 asking the council to demand “urgent action” to restore services.