A DWARF who can pull a vacuum cleaner with his private parts was deemed “unsuitable” to appear at an Oxford University ball.

Circus of Horrors last night hit out at the decision by St Peter’s College to block the act from plans for its summer ball.

The college said acts which depend on “physical conditions to achieve a shock impact are less suited to the occasion” than its other acts. In the end, no Circus of Horrors acts will appear.

Circus chiefs said ball organisers ruled out Daniel Blackner – also known as Captain Dan the Demon Dwarf – for their £75-a-ticket bash on May 7 at the New Inn Hall Street college.

Circus of Horrors founder Dr Haze said: “We are absolutely furious.

“First they wanted a lavish show. Then they wanted something smaller.”

He said the college had ruled out Captain Dan and Gary Stretch, who can pull his own neck skin over his mouth.

Yet a fork-tongued sword swallower and female blade walker were accepted by the college, he said.

He said: “Dan and Gary were born like this.

“If the college didn’t want Dan to pull a vacuum, they could have asked him to do another act. We can put him in an electric chair, pump him with volts and light fluorescent tubes off him.”

He added: “Frankly, I think the students of Oxford University should revolt to get the acts they want at their ball.”

Mr Blackner also blasted the decision, adding: “I have a brilliant resume after featuring as an ewok in Return of the Jedi and various Muppet movies as a flying teddy bear.”

The Circus of Horrors has been touring for 15 years and warns that its Gothic-style horror shows are “not for sissies or those of a nervous disposition”.

The show has played in front of Prince Charles and also appeared at the New Theatre in Oxford last month.

A spokesman for St Peter’s College said: “The ball committee decided at the outset that it did not wish to include all aspects of the Circus of Horrors show. This was understood by the company.

“The college and the ball committee believe acts which depend in significant part on physical conditions to achieve a shock impact are less suited to the occasion than the other entertainment that might have been provided by the Circus of Horrors.

“In the event no contract was signed with the Circus of Horrors.”