JUMPING, somersaulting and ducking under swords might sound like a dangerous way to spend your time.

But that’s exactly how about 200 people from across the UK passed their weekend.

Rapper sword dancing involves rhythmic tap dancing and jumping around, over and under blades.

Chris Cartridge, of Newcastle-based Sallyport Sword Dancers said: It was an excellent weekend. People watching absolutely loved it.”

Sue Swift, of Oxford-based team Mabel Gubbins, said: “The dancers hold on to the swords and tie each other in knots.

“It’s a bit like Cat’s Cradle, but with swords.”

The annual competition, being held in Oxford for the first time, took place at pubs across the city centre.

The event featured 19 adult teams, from as far away as Tunbridge Wells and Aberdeen, and eight junior teams. More than 200 competitors took part.