I WRITE with reference to your story about the parking chaos in Marston (Mail, February 23).

I often find it almost impossible to get around the corner at the top of Rippington Drive in the daytime because cars are parked on both sides of the road.

The grass verges on the corner of Rippington Drive/Fairfax Avenue are now mud thanks to parked vehicles.

Traffic along Oxford Road is unable to move if a vehicle is coming the other way because of the number of vehicles parked along the road between Gordon Close and Beechey Avenue.

I have even seen buses having to reverse up the road because they can’t get through.

We know that many of the people causing these parking problems are not local residents. I wonder if they would like this chaos outside their homes?

Residents’ parking should be brought in but the permits should be free of charge for council tax payers in all areas of Oxford.

I Watkins, Rippington Drive, Marston, Oxford