FRESH information about a lack of fingerprints has strengthened the case for a full inquest into the death of Government scientist David Kelly, campaigners believe.

The claim comes in a dossier handed to Attorney General Dominic Grieve yesterday by doctors who are petitioning him for the reopening of inquiries into the Iraq weapons inspector’s 2003 death.

Mr Grieve is expected to announce within weeks whether he will comply with the group’s call for him to issue a legal request – known as a ‘fiat’ – for the High Court to order a coroner’s inquest.

The dossier highlights documents released by police, which show no fingerprints were recovered from the knife which Dr Kelly allegedly used to slit his wrist and a pack of pills which he apparently took.

Similarly no fingerprints were recovered from a mobile phone, watch or water bottle discovered near to where his body was found, close to his home in Southmoor, near Abingdon.

No gloves were found on the body or in its vicinity.

The dossier highlights the fact that the lack of fingerprint evidence was not considered by the Hutton Inquiry, which concluded Dr Kelly, right, committed suicide.