A TATTOO-mad couple are to thank the doctors who treated their baby son by organising a body art fundraising event.

Paul and Carly Humphreys have invited body artists to their Evolution Tattoo parlour in Banbury Road, Kidlington, to raise cash for Oxford Children’s Hospital.

The John Radcliffe Hospital last month treated newborn Presley-Ray Humphreys after he was born with a twisted bowel.

He was delivered on December 12 weighing a healthy 9lb 2oz, but two days later started vomiting and was rushed back to hospital.

The twisted bowel had cut off the blood flow to his intestine and could have proved fatal.

Mr Humphreys, 33, said: “They said they had to open him up and have a look. They were pretty sure it was a twisted bowel, but did not know how far it had gone.

“They said that in the worst-case scenario he would not survive. They said if no blood was getting to it, he could have died quite quickly.

“Of course, you naturally presume the worst.”

He said: “When we got back from the hospital, we immediately thought we wanted to give something back, and this will be a bit different.”

Mrs Humphreys, 25, added: “It was all so quick I did not even have time to think or to get my head around it. There was so much going on.”

Just 20 minutes into the three-hour operation, the couple got the news that Presley-Ray would be okay.

Mr Humphreys said: “It was the biggest relief in the world.

“They caught it just in time, operated straight away and everyone was brilliant.

“We were told as he gets older, he should be made aware of the fact that he had the operation, but he does not have to be on a special diet or anything.

“He’s doing everything a baby should be doing: eating, crying, waking up every two hours, and keeping us all up.”

The proud dad has pledged to get a tattoo of Presley-Ray when he is two.

And Mrs Humphreys added: “I don’t think he knows anything about what he has been through. He’s got a scar on his belly, and I’m sure he’ll ask about it as he gets older.”

The February 27 event will include tattooing, an auction, music and children’s activities.