NINETIES rock wild child Courtney Love wants to settle down in Oxfordshire, according to Oxford's young Tories.

The Hole frontwoman, best known as Mrs Kurt Cobain, made a surprise appearance at the association’s weekly Port and Policy evening at the Oxford Union on Sunday and was made its officer for rock and roll.

She was previously a guest speaker at a formal debate at the Frewin Court venue last February.

Joe Cooke, association president elect, said Love had turned up to the regular evening debate unannounced after spending the day pheasant shooting. The Oriel College student said Ms Love told him she was looking for a property in Oxfordshire. He said: “We get cabinet members and MPs turning up but not rock stars.”

Ms Love spoke about foreign policy and the advent of Wikileaks, Mr Cooke, to her left, said.

Mr Cooke added: “The main reason we thought she was a Tory was because she has Winston Churchill’s cane and brought it along with her.”

Mr Cooke said the association had decided to elect her non-executive officer for rock and roll on the spot, and admitted the appointment was slightly “tongue in cheek”.