Local man Henry Breakspear of Grove and farther of two won the Points Championship of Standlake Arena in his F2 Stock Car.

Henry first became involved in racing at an early age in the Mini Stox Class with sucessful champion wins which lead him to winning the championship in the Hot Rod Class as he became old enough. Following a break he returned to the track in 2010 alongside his farther local business man Michael Breakspear of Breakspear and Rowlands Scrap and Haulage, Grove. After completing a full attendance for the year he yet again displayed his natural tallents as a racing driver winning the season by a clear 31 points ahead of second place 212 Neil Soule and third place went to 422 Paul Quick.

Their has always been a strong family history within the formular beging with his Great Uncle Walter Breakspear racing the very first F1's now known as the Heritage Stock Cars which lead to Henry's farther Michael taking up the sport in the late 70's in a F1 Stock Car all over the country and latter went on to race F2 Stock Cars. Michaels cousin and business partner Alan Rowlands also took part in the sport. In latter years Henrys sister Lucy Munn raced a Mini Stox at Standlake Arena and the former Faringdon track. More recently over the past few years Henry's uncles Alan and Reg Breakspear alongside his dad returned to the Standlake track with Alan and Michael being leaders of the championship in 2009.

Henry is very greatful to his family for their constant support and most importantly his farther for all of his hard work and deadication he puts into Henry's racing,without him none of this would have been possible.

Based on information supplied by Lucy Munn.