HAVE written several letters to the Oxford Mail over the years, but never one quite like this.

I am a one-legged war pensioner, aged 86. I lost my wife to a stroke in September last year.

To all other husbands I would say: “You don’t appreciate a good wife or mum until she is not there any more.”

During our almost 65 years together, she gave me five children: three boys and two girls, all taking good care of their old Dad, all local.

My two daughters do everything for me. I would be in a mess without them.

Surely at least one of them should get carers allowance for all they do for their old dad? However, I understand that because they both have part-time jobs, they don’t. Is this correct?

Neither will accept a penny piece of my war pension.

Can any of your readers put me right on this one. They really care for me.

I hope I have not been too outspoken, but I do feel very strongly about this matter.

DARBY SUTTON, Cromwell Close, Old Marston, Oxford