A TUSSLE over a supermarket trolley led to a teenager’s arrest during a student protest against education cuts yesterday.

About 30 students and sixth-formers met at Oxford’s Carfax Tower at 2pm to stage the demonstration against the slashing of the Educational Maintenance Allowance, increases to tuition fees, and public sector cutbacks.

After pushing a sound-system mounted in a trolley around the Clarendon Centre and into Lloyds Bank, police officers prevented the protesters taking their demonstration down the city’s High Street.

Officers locked with students, inset, before confiscating a car battery powering the stereo.

One 19-year-old demonstrator was arrested for obstructing the police.

Louis Ramirez, 17, from the European School, Culham, said officers had been heavy-handed. He said: “They should be making sure we can protest peacefully, not shutting it down.”

Police spokesman Daniel Donovan said: “We will always facilitate peaceful and lawful protests. To do this, we need protesters to listen to any reasonable instructions our officers make.

“In this case, this young man failed to cooperate with officers, who were left with no choice but to arrest him.”