The follically-challenged Andy Parsons has been likened to many things, he told us in Friday night’s show, among them an egg, a potato and a white snooker ball. But whatever you like to call him, one thing is certain — the Mock the Week panellist is a very funny man. Within minutes of appearing on stage, he had the audience roaring with laughter, and he sustained the humour throughout a brilliantly-crafted, two-hour show that touched on just about everything topical and much more besides.

One of Parsons’s gifts is to get the audience laughing at themselves, and we willingly played along as he took the mick out of the things people waste their money on (such as those blankets with sleeves) and the things we love to moan about. The recession also came under review, as he gleefully took a pop at the ready meals that Waitrose considers ‘essential’ — an example being roasted vegetable couscous. The audience roared with appreciative laughter.

The political landscape didn’t escape his barbed comments, either, and the Coalition was predictably mocked for the apparent absurdity of having parties at opposite ends of the political spectrum forming an alliance (“That’s a bit like having a “No Swearing F*** Party”), while the oil spillage off the US coast was enjoyed as the one time oil has invaded America instead of the other way round.

Parsons has been criticised for talking at audiences rather than to them, but here in the cosy intimacy of the Cornerstone he established an instant rapport, and there was plenty of apparently spontaneous banter across the footlights. This was a warm-up gig for Parsons’ up-coming ‘Gruntled’ tour, which opens on 10th February. If you missed him this time (or fancy a second helping), you can catch him at Warwick, Reading or Swindon; visit for full tour dates.