In reply to Liz Brighouse’s letter (Oxford Mail, January 18), she would have known full well that the amendment (to reduce councillors’ allowances) before the county council would have failed due to the Tory majority on that council.

Why didn’t she propose that only Labour councillors would take a cut, then the amendment wouldn’t have been empty political rhetoric. I am sure all the other parties would have abstained or even voted for that sort of cut.

When we observe the behaviour of the Labour group which is in majority control of the city council, we can see that Liz’s idea of making cuts to councillors’ allowances are not seriously considered.

Those city Labour councillors still take all the extra allowances for cabinet and portfolio holders so there seems to be no realistic attempt to contribute “to sharing the pain” as she puts it.

Empty words and crocodile tears are not enough from our councillors and Members of Parliament.

We need the kind of honesty and openness that can be found in the Green Party – the only political party not tainted by taking extra allowances in local government, or claiming illegal parliamentary expenses as several Labour and Tory MPs have done.

AA Williams, London Rd, Oxford