MORAG Bosher has been helping Kidlington children take their first steps into education for more than 20 years.

Since 1988, Mrs Bosher, pictured right with pupils, has been teaching in Edward Feild’s nursery and reception classes, now working with children who are the sons and daughters of former pupils.

She said: “I love nursery and reception, because at this age children can explore.

“I soon learned every child is different, but the biggest thing I see as they go through this stage is the improvement in their confidence. When they start, they might not be able to talk, but by the end, they have really begun to open up.”

She added: “They have so many interests at that stage. I love gardening with the children and growing things with them. We’re reading Jack and the Beanstalk at the moment, so we will be planting some beans soon.

“I love our workshop area indoors, with lots of paint and glue and collage materials. As they start using the resources, they start to develop their own ideas.

“We have always tried to follow a creative curriculum here, and it’s lovely to see that coming back into the primary school.”

Mrs Bosher added: “I think one of the reasons I still like being at Edward Feild is we get to know the families, whether it’s brothers, sisters or cousins.

“I follow what some of the children who have come through here do now they are grown up and have careers.”

Headteacher Cathryn Wilkes said Mrs Bosher was experienced and respected by children, staff and parents. She added: “She’s really passionate about nursery and reception, and she creates a wonderful environment there.

“When Ofsted visited the nursery, they said it was good with some outstanding features in the care, guidance and support given by staff.”