THE only conclusion I can come to after reading the letter from John Tanner about the proposed wind turbine at Horspath is that he was being very economical with the truth.

Firstly, he said it will be near the BMW plant when, in fact, after BMW objected to the original proposed position it was moved away from them and would now be on the village boundary and nowhere near the plant.

He also said he thought they were elegant and he would like one close to his home. But he failed to say the city council does not own the land by his house. Perhaps, the reason he thinks they are elegant is because he can see pound signs for the city council, whether they produce electricity or not.

Finally, he said it would produce electricity for as many as 2,400 Oxford homes or for the car plant. But, again, any minute amount of electricity (if any) produced would go straight to the national grid. So if anyone thinks they will get cheap electricity from it they are wrong.

As for it saving the world from pollution, the pollution generated building and maintaining it would take years to compensate for.

Keith Brooks Gateley Horspath