Visitors entering Cuckoo Lane Art Studio, Cuckoo Lane, near North Leigh, would be forgiven for assuming the pictures on show have been painted by several different artists. This is not so. The eclectic mix of works are all by Graham Rice, who has been on a voyage of discovery since he picked up his first paintbrush many years ago.

The collection includes his latest watercolours that take a local scene and propel it into a vibrant mass of colours and shapes, which are nevertheless instantly recognisable. When creating these watercolours Graham is attempting to push his compositions, colours and textures further than he has done before. The result is stunning.

He has also embarked on a creative venture that calls for gold leaf, which he uses to highlight figures and trees that occupy a small square canvas. To achieve the gold finish, he has studied the techniques of the old masters who illuminated their work this way. Having mastered gold leaf, he is now working with silver, which he is using to illuminate a series of fascinating woodcuts.

His earlier works include several very powerful narrative oil paintings that are beautifully finished and which all contain clues to the story he has encapsulated on canvas.

And there is more. Graham is particularly fond of creating still life studies in oil. A series of dancing pears, and a remarkable study of vegetables hang in the inner room of his studio. He has worked on watercolour landscapes too — though there is nothing traditional about the way he executes these pictures. Like his oil paintings, they all step outside conventional scenes to declare their difference.

Until December 17 Graham is opening his studio and gallery on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10am to 6pm. You will find it at the Eynsham Park Estate, Cuckoo Lane, near North Leigh. For further information go to the website (