OXFORD showed its multicultural roots, with a feast of music, dancing and entertainment – designed to show how people from all religions can work together.

The ‘Yours Faithfully’ event at the Town Hall was organised by the Oxford Council of Faiths and featured performances from different faith groups. It included Hindu dancing, Pagan drumming and Christian choral singing.

Organiser Kathy Shock said: “It was all about showcasing the talent the city has to offer.

“There are a lot of different groups in Oxford who have different cultures, so it is important to that we appreciate all of them.”

Mrs Shock said the evening was a small, though important, step to bridging gaps between cultures.

She said: “Often bad feeling between different groups is caused by anxiety or fear of the unknown.

“People just don’t know each other and worry that they may offend the other group, so they stay clear.

“So we just want people to get to know each and appreciate them for their differences.”

More than 150 people joined the event, which is in its second year.

Among the guests were Lord Mayor John Goddard, and the Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire, Tim Stevenson.

Co-organiser Katy Jennison, from Witney, said: “There was fantastic talent on the night and the place was buzzing.

“There was a real mix of different styles, faiths and traditions.”

Performances included singing from the Oxford Hindu Temple and Community Centre Project and the Oxford Latter Day Saints Choir.

The evening raised more than £400 for the Save The Children Pakistan Flood Relief.

Dr Jennison said: “Events like this are important in a time when different faiths are at each others throats in other parts of the world.

“We want to show that we can all work together in Oxford.

“As one man said, if you are a Sikh, you should shine as a Sikh and if you’re a Christian, you should shine as a Christian.”

“By accepting each other’s differences, we can all get on,” Dr Jennison added.